Innersee Team Development

Innersee Group Challenge


Innersee is an experiential based training and development organization. That is to say that Innersee uses a wide range of "hands on" techniques and approaches to create a unique environment for learning.


Our experiential based programs draw teams out of their present environments and introduce them to challenging situations in unfamiliar and unusual circumstances.

Innersee's programs consist of a series of challenges that motivate individuals to function as a team. These challenges include both cognitive and experiential activities. Members of the group must explore new ways of working together in order to be successful. The series of challenges reveals patterns of behaviour that may prevent them from functioning as a high performing team.

Teams then go through three stages of development when moving towards positive change- awareness, understanding & transfer.

That's how we design the sequence of programs we offer; to provide groups with the tool to feel, act, and perform like a team.

Processing the  Experience

Our experienced facilitators will help guide your team to a better understanding of their potential, as well as making the transfer of their learning 'stick'. Facilitators will use an extensive array of "challenge elements" to draw out all of the talents and skills possessed by your team members.

Before, during, and after each element the facilitators will process the experience and direct it back to your primary environment as well as the application it may have in the future.